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How does this work?

You sign up alone and you are assigned with 5 other random players. With said team, you play 4 weeks of matches against other teams. This stage is followed by the playoffs stage, in which you'd be fighting in a Double Elimination bracket against other teams, from which only one team will end up victorious.

What do I earn?

All Participants earn shiny in-game medals, and you get better medals for Playoffs, Third, Second and First place. in addition, you also earn:
First Place: 24 Keys(4 each) + serveme premium for 6 months.
Second Place: 12 Keys (2 each) + serveme premium for 3 months.
Third Place: 6 Keys (1 each).

How do I sign up?

You join our discord (https://discord.io/eumixes), get verified then send your steam profile in #cup-sign-up. Important note: Once the cup starts, you will be able to login through steam into the website.

How do I know this will be balanced?

Teams are set manually in order to ensure the best gaming experience possible. In addition, you are required to have at least 2 seasons (3 matches in) of ETF2L 6v6 (DM Admins for exceptions).

How are medics determined?

Incase a medic can't be decided upon, contact an admin to randomly choose a medic. You can do this every match.

Do you have any sponsors?

Yes! Check out serveme.tf

When does this happen?

The cup is set to happen on April 3rd - 4th for normal stages, and April 8-9th for playoffs stages, finals being on the 10th.

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